As many of you already know, after 13 days of illness and still laid up in bed, Rhythm & Rain’s own Rain Jaudon has been confirmed positive for the coronavirus. He is fighting hard to beat this thing and is so appreciative of the love and support all of you have shown him. He is finally starting to turn the corner on this virus, but still has a long road to recovery.

So how can we help Rain? First and foremost, prayers, positive thoughts and good vibrations are always needed and appreciated. Just keep lifting Rain up without ceasing!

Buy merch at our online store. Buying a shirt, tote, beanie, koozie, or street sign helps keep his lights on while Bourbon Street is shut down. Due to being so sick, Rain hasn’t yet been able to complete any unemployment assistance or relief forms, so every little bit helps. If you’ve ever thought about buying And We Drink merch, now is a great time to do so — and we just released a brand new tee!

Subscribe to our official YouTube channel and let our videos from past gigs entertain you until we can get Rain 100% healthy and do some livestreams and exclusive videos. If any of those videos make you smile, laugh or sing along, and you are financially able, please leave a tip in the “virtual tip jar” via PayPal or Venmo. (Many thanks to all of you who have already tipped virtually! You guys are awesome!)

Thank you again for all the love and support. Rain needs it now more than ever.

And we heal…until we can drink together again. Y’all be safe out there.